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07:30 PM
On Sale 8/27/17
02:00 PM
On Sale 8/27/17
07:30 PM
On Sale 8/27/17
07:30 PM
On Sale 8/27/17
07:30 PM
On Sale 8/27/17
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Sung in Italian with projected English translation


Appropriate for all ages

Running Time

3 hours and 15 minutes


A love triangle with more than one twist.

An ancient priestess’s betrayed love culminates in human sacrifice in this fierce and tragic story told through magnificent melodies and vocal fireworks.

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Composer: Bellini

Cast and Creative Team

Norma Liudmyla Monastyrska
Adalgisa Jamie Barton
Pollione Chad Shelton
Oroveso Peixin Chen
Conductor Patrick Summers
Margaret Alkek Williams Chair
Director Kevin Newbury
Set Designer David Korins
Costume Designer Jessica Jahn
Lighting Designer Duane Schuler

Houston Grand Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Richard Bado, Chorus Master
The Sarah and Ernest Butler Chorus Master Chair 

Setting: Gaul, around 50 b.c.e.


The Druids’ high priest, Oroveso, urges his people to rebel against the occupying Roman forces. No one among the Druids, including Oroveso, is aware that their high priestess—Norma, Oroveso’s daughter—has fallen in love with the Roman proconsul, Pollione, and has borne two children, who are being cared for in secret. Wishing to protect her lover, Norma urges peace, telling her people that the Romans’ destruction will come through their own vices.


Pollione has found a new love, however—a novice priestess, Adalgisa—and he intends to abandon Norma for her. Adalgisa is torn between her love for him and her desire to remain true to her vows. She confides in Norma about her turmoil, and they come to realize they are in love with the same man. Adalgisa refuses to be disloyal to Norma and rejects Pollione.


Adalgisa pleads with Pollione to return to Norma and the children. When he refuses, Norma calls for war. A sacrificial victim is required, and Pollione, who has been captured trying to abduct Adalgisa, is brought in. But instead of killing him, Norma offers her followers a substitute sacrifice, a priestess who has broken her vows. She then confesses that she herself is the guilty one. She gives her children into her father’s keeping and ascends the flaming pyre that has been prepared for the sacrifice. Her noble act reawakens Pollione’s love for her, and he joins her in the flames.


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