The Barber of Seville
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Sung in Italian with projected English translation


Appropriate for all ages

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The first opera music you ever heard…


…even if you didn’t know it at the time! Rossini’s The Barber of Seville includes one of the world’s most recognizable pieces of music, the famous “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!” aria featured in Bugs Bunny cartoons.


Count Almaviva enlists his friend Figaro—the barber of the opera’s title—to help him woo the lovely Rosina right under the nose of her overly protective guardian. Their trickery goes awry, but young love prevails in this laugh-out-loud comedy.

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Composer: Rossini

Cast and Creative Team

Figaro Lucas Meachem
Count Almaviva David Portillo
Rosina Sofia Selowsky
Doctor Bartolo Peixin Chen
Don Basilio Eric Owens
Conductor Julian Wachner
Director Joan Font
Set and Costume Designer Joan Guillén
Lighting Designer Albert Faura
Choreographer Xevi Dorca

Houston Grand Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Richard Bado, Chorus Master
The Sarah and Ernest Butler Chorus Master Chair 

Count Almaviva has fallen in love with a young girl, Rosina, and has followed her to the house where she is kept sequestered by her old guardian, Dr. Bartolo, who wishes to marry her. Almaviva serenades Rosina; she is captivated by his voice but is prevented from responding by the suspicious Bartolo. Almaviva tries to figure out how to get inside the house to court her.


At the suggestion of the town barber and jack-of-all-trades, Figaro, Almaviva disguises himself as a drunken soldier and bursts into the house demanding to be quartered there, but pandemonium breaks out, ruining his plan. He is forced to try another method of gaining entry to the house.


Again he appears in disguise, this time as “Don Alonso,” a music teacher substituting for Rosina’s regular instructor, Don Basilio. Rosina recognizes her suitor, and he proposes to her. They plot to elope that night, but Bartolo is suspicious. Learning that “Alonso” is a fraud, Bartolo sends Basilio to fetch a notary so he can marry his ward that very evening. Gaining Basilio’s complicity with a bribe, Almaviva and Rosina sign the marriage contract when the notary arrives. Bartolo surprises them, but it is too late to intervene. Young love has won the day. 


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